TERS Applications for July-Aug are open!

 2020-08-17 08:46 AM by

TERS (temporary employer / employee relief scheme) applications are now open for the period 1 July - 15 August.

Applications for the period 26 March - 30 June can still be submitted. Any company can apply for TERS benefits for that period.

The benefits for the July/August period are only available to employees where the employer:

  • Is not yet permitted to operate either fully or partially due to the lockdown regulations; and/or
  • Is unable to implement special measures in respect of vulnerable employees or is unable to make alternative arrangements for them to work from home; and/or
  • Is unable to use employees, either fully or partially, because of operational requirements.

If your business hasn't yet applied for UIF TERS benefits, we can help you with your application. We've already helped many companies to get their full UIF TERS payments for all their employees.

We charge R780 per application per month.

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